Tuesday, February 2, 2016

DIY Galentine's Day Cards + {Valentine Printables}

I love Valentine's Day. It can get a bad rap for being mushy, over commercialized, and focused on couples. I'll also agree that I roll my eyes every year seeing the photos of the bear and box of chocolates someone's bae got them. But it's so much more. It should be a day we tell everyone in our lives how much we love them!

I'm a huge fan of the Galentine's Day movement. Girlfriends are simply the best and I can't imagine living my life (sanely) without mine. In college and law school my friends and I would always plan a special dinner (likely Mexican food) or event to celebrate with each other. Even now that I have a Valentine I don't want to forget my girls.

These simple cards are the perfect way to show your besties you care. I stopped in Hobby Lobby and grabbed a few supplies to throw them together. Luckily, my friends have a good sense of humor.

Create your own or use these lovely printable floating around the Internet.

Do you subscribe to the Galentine's Day movement?

Monday, February 1, 2016

Weekend Highlights {Happy February}

Monday is here once again. Luckily, we had some warm(ish) weather this weekend. It was so nice to see some sunshine and get out without piling on multiple layers.

We spent the weekend celebrating my mom's birthday--61 is looking pretty good on her! My sister came into town and we threw together a birthday dinner complete with a Coca Cola cake. The story behind the cake is that my mom is a huge fan of Coke however she recently gave it up but still talks about it constantly so we thought it would be funny to make her the cake. It was really good! Of course everything tastes better when you make it wearing a dog apron. 
My kitchen was already a mess from the party on Saturday so I decided to get the most out of it and prep some crockpot freezer meals. The premise is you prep all the ingredients then freeze and it's all ready to toss into your crockpot. I use my crockpot at least once a week so I hope these turn out good! I prepped for taco soup, honey teriyaki chicken, and chicken cacciatore. I have a Pinterest board devoted to these recipes. I'd love to hear your favorites! 
crockpot freezer meals

As always here's some Monday motivation...

How was your weekend?
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