Tuesday, October 27, 2015

For The Love of Blogging....

I've done a lot of things in the sake of this blogging hobby of mine.

I've learned more about html code, SEO, and Pinterest analytics than any human should know (and still feel like I know nothing). 

I've stayed up way past my bed time to edit photos, finish a post, or respond to comments.

I've experimented with LOTS of recipes...some fails but mostly good such as this one!

I've stepped WAY out of my comfort zone to share my life with strangers.

My poor dogs have been subjected to countless pictures.

My thumbs have gone numb from hours of scrolling Instagram

I've done A LOT  of things for the sake of blogging but never in my life did I think it would cause me to dress up as a princess. Yes. This past weekend my 27 year old self was forced to dress up like Cinderella, prance around giving out candy, and pose with enamored children. 

Adult Disney Princess Costume

Despite the ridiculousness---it was for a good cause! The girls from the East Kentucky Blog Society paired with a local event company, Enchanted Entertainment, to provide a safe trick or treat for kids! 

The young and old alike wanted photos with the princesses. 

Adult Disney Princess Costume

What's the most ridiculous thing you've done for the sake of blogging?


  1. Ah! I love it! Y'all look awesome!

  2. Y'all look so cute! What a fun idea!


  3. I love it! What a great idea for a great cause!


  4. Oh my gosh this looks like so much fun! A friend of mine just started doing the princess thing as a business and goes around as Elsa for birthday parties and such. I think getting to dress up like a princess and hang with kids sounds amazing - or you can use the blog for a reason :)

  5. That's awesome!! How fun!! I remember how scary it was to go on basically a 'blind date' with some local bloggers. Sure we all chatted online, but that first time we made plans to hang out face to face was totally scary lol!

  6. I totally get this post. I have done so many ridic things for the sake of blogging. I nodded along to all yours as well. I think my craziest blogging thing was my bloggiversary last year. I wore a full sequined gown and hired a photographer. It was over the top and I loved it.

  7. Love your costume, you girls looked awesome! And I hear ya on staying up too late responding to comments or finishing up a post, but I wouldn't trade any of it in. Love this little hobby of ours <3

    Green Fashionista

  8. This is great, though! I wish there was an active blogging community like that here in Maryland!

  9. What a great cause, you look awesome! So so sweet!

  10. That is so much fun! You all look cute in your princess costumes! :)


  11. Ahhhh i love it. adorable!

    XO Ellen from Ask Away Blog

  12. Aww, good job being brave and doing it! What a great story and great pictures you have now because you did it! Probably the "craziest" thing I've done because of blogging was have a blogger and her husband come and visit and stay in my house for the last week, but it seemed totally normal and totally fine. I realize if I wasn't in the blog world it would sound crazy, though. :)

  13. Aww so great!! I love that you dressed up like a princess for such a great cause!

    Lee | LegalLee Blonde

  14. So cute! Love the group princess idea!


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