Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fall Swag Swap

In the days of email, texting, and tweeting receiving a good ol' fashioned package in the mail is quite the lovely surprise. Especially when it's full of fall goodies. So, when I saw that the lovely ladies from Bourbon & Lipstick, Classy Sassy, Hey Kerri, All the Joys, How to Make a Life, and Set Free were hosting a Fall Swag Swap I knew I had to sign up!

My favorite aspect of blogging so far has no question been the connections I've made. It truly is such an open and embracing community full of intelligent and strong women. I consider some girls I've never met friends because I chat with them weekly. I've been fortunate to meet with Lindsay for coffee. Laugh and have a great time with all the girls from Eastern Kentucky Blogging Society and text, tweet, and email COUNTLESS other bloggers and readers. This swap allowed me to add one more connection to my list of gal pals---Morgan from Yellow Door Diaries.  We exchanged several emails getting to know one another and learned that we have lots in common such as our obsession with Criminal Minds, puppies, and cooking. Get this--she's even an event coordinator for law firms! 

Morgan couldn't have been more gracious and spot on with the swag swap items she sent me. 

I've already busted out the cute notebook and have been using it as a food journal to track my eating habits. Such a pain. How cute is the pendant drop necklace?? I'm always excited for new polish colors and you better believe that Starbucks card will be GONE very soon.

Morgan, thank you again, and I hope you enjoyed your swap goodies!

The blogging community isn't just about bloggers---readers too! I love hearing from non-blogger readers and always so flattered when I hear someone keeps up with my posts. I respond to all comments via email. If you haven't been receiving a reply from me it's because you're a No-Reply blogger. I'd love to chat with you so please follow this awesome tutorial to change your status in a few short minutes! Please don't be shy to comment I want to interact with each of you and hear your thoughts and ideas! 

What are your favorite goodies for Fall?


  1. Ah! I'm so glad you and Morgan had a great experience. Looks like she nailed it! And I agree with the whole making friends from blogging thing: it's one of the greatest aspects! Thank you so much for participating!

  2. You got some really cute stuff. I love doing these swaps because it's so fun to be connected with new bloggers and correspond via e-mail. I can't wait until the next swap!

  3. It is so much fun getting to know new people. I love that necklace!!

  4. Such a fun idea!! I've heard about these a lot, but I've yet to go to one. I'll have to look into them!

    Sara Kate Styling

  5. Cute post! Love that notebook Happy Fall!

  6. LOVE meeting new people through my blog and IG!

  7. Can't wait to see how you style that pretty necklace! Such perfect fall goodies!

  8. That sounds like so much fun! I love getting to know fellow bloggers (I'm pretty confident it's my favorite part of blogging as well)! :)


  9. This sounds so fun! Those nail colours look pretty cute!

  10. What an awesome swag swap! Morgan, I don't know you, but you did awesome!!! Love love love everything, especially that awesome necklace:)


  11. I loved your box!! So cute. Criminal minds is my show girl! It's amazing! It scares The crap out of me but it's amazing! Ha! Do you have a puppy?? If so what kind? Are puggle is our baby. :)

  12. Ahh love this post! I totally agree that one of the best (and most unexpected things) about this blogging adventure is meeting people!!
    The swag swap is SUCH a good idea!! Let me know if another one happens, I so want in!!

    Lee |
    LegalLee Blonde

  13. This is so much fun! I hope they do another swap soon, I definitely want to get in on the action!


I reply to all comments! Not receiving a reply? You may be a No-Reply Blogger. I can show you how to fix it :)

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