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What to Do on Days You Don't Post: Checklist

Generally, I try to consistently post 3-4 days a week. On the days that I don't post I often feel at a loss of what to do to maintain and grow my blog. Rest assured friends---there is PLENTY to do on non-post days that will make a dramatic difference to your blog. Here, I have some ideas on things you can do to grow your blog without even posting new content! 

Don't freak out on me---these are all just suggestions and goals. You don't have to be Wonderblogger and do them all each time. 

I've even included a helpful little printable checklist just for you! Print away!

Grow Your Blog Without Posting New Content

What Can I Do on Days I Don't Post?

Read Read Read! Ideally, you started a blog because you actually like to read other blogs, right? Well, spend this off time catching up on all your favorites! With the busyness of the day and nurturing your own blog we often don't have to time to read some great posts. And while you're at it...

1. Leave 5 (meaningful/engaging) comments on other blog posts
2. Explore and find 4 new blogs to follow! Do you use Bloglovin? Let Helene be your guide. 

Give Your Blog a Tune Up Just like a car your blog can get rusty without proper maintenance and care! Spend some time making sure everything is working as it should or do that update or improvement you've been putting off.

1. Check for broken links! Broken links are not only annoying but can discourage your audience
2. Name your post photos. This little step can seriously increase your SEO rating. Jana has a great Tutorial.
3. Label and categorize your posts. 
4. Brainstorm 2 new post ideas
5.Update your old post intros and add in long tail keywords. What is a long tail keyword? Amanda from Meet@TheBarre tells all here!

Get Social! 

Social Media Checklist

Twitter: Twitter is about so much more than just dropping in links to your posts. Want to really get involved in the blogging community? This is your best resource.
1. Put a spin on your old posts and tweet out links using #archive
2. Share the love and RT 5 posts from other bloggers! 
3. Find 5 new tweeters to follow.
4. Lastly, it never hurts to get ahead of the game on scheduling your tweets for the next few days. 

StumbleUpon: Do you stumble? If not definitely start by signing up. SU is a great way to not only support your fellow bloggers but also get high traffic. When I first experimenting with SU this post from Jaelan@Making Mrs. M was so helpful. 
1. Spend 5 minutes just stumbling. The more you stumble, the more your posts get stumbled. Fact
2. Find 3 of your favorite bloggers to be friends with on SU. I'll be your SU Friend--@Bldeskins11.
3. Stumble 2 posts from other bloggers that strike your fancy.

Pinterest: Pinterest is a huge ally for bloggers. What other platform can you so readily expose your content to 72 million people? I'm devoting an entire month to growing my blog with Pinterest, but just a few tasks can also make a big difference!
1. Organize your boards and create custom photo covers ( I like this tutorial). 
2. Update your descriptions for any of your original pins. Do you know how important pin descriptions are for growth? Here's 6 Tips for Writing Effective Pin Descriptions.
3. Follow 5 new Pinners. Maybe they'll follow you back? Maybe one of their pins will spark a post idea? Or, maybe you'll see a dinner recipe for tonight? There's no loosing with this one.

Instagram: Instagram is becoming my favorite social media platform. The community is huge and you can easily get exposure with a little effort. Does your blog have its own account? I just recently created one for The Lady Lawyer and have seen big results. 
1. Follow 5 new bloggers or companies/brands that peak your interest
2. Like (heart) 10 photos on your feed AND Like 10 photos of users you don't follow
3. Go back to old posts and insert relevant hashtags. Let this post from Sarah@VenusTrappedInMars be your guidebook. 

Feel free to print and share this checklist! 


  1. Great tips! I will definitely be saving this post to reference!

  2. I started off my morning by reading this blog post. Although it is not my day off from posting I found this post so helpful and inspiring that I started right away. Thanks for sharing. In this blogging world I have decided that if I can just learn one thing a day that I will be in better shape and a better blogger eventually! So, by taking your tips I have commented one some of the most recent post by all members of the EKY Blog Society as well as labeled my pictures in my newest post! Thanks for sharing, one of the best yet!

    1. Thanks so much Samantha! I look forward to getting to know you more!

  3. I'm going to spend the rest of this month aiming to add hero images to all my old posts so I can pin them! That's my goal, at least.

  4. Your posts are always so helpful but this may be your best one yet! I know I need to work a little harder on planning posts ahead and getting into a good schedule! I downloaded stumble upon, too! Thanks! :)

  5. Now you are just making me feel lazy! Thanks though- I love reading about what other bloggers do to make their sites great!

  6. Stumble upon is such a great tool! Whats your name on there? Let me follow you!

  7. This is a great post! Although on my days off, I just want to be lazy! hahaha. Still I always try to do a couple of these things, but I need to amp up my game. Going to try this stumble upon thing!

  8. Great tips. I actually have lowered the amount I post on my blog. 3-4x a week. I want to spend that downtime reading and interacting with others.

  9. This is such a great post, Brittany! I love all these tips. It's so important to promote old posts, too!
    And broken links! Ah. The bane of my existence.

  10. These are great tips! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  11. Great tips! I'll definitely print the checklist. IG is my new fave platform too. So much inspiration!

  12. Nice post and tips! I try and do a lot of these on non-blog days too! :) Great info on Stumble Upon, I'm not that familiar with it!

    xo, Sarah

  13. This is such a great list! I like the ideas of finding new blogs and Twitter people to follow. I try to spend the days I don't post reading and commenting as well. I've never tried Stumble Upon but I've heard people talk about it. I'll have to read this post you linked to and see what it's all about!

  14. Awesome tips girl! I definitely need to be better about my social media :-P

  15. Great ideas....I need to check out Stumble Upon. I think I have an account but no clue how to use it...Will definitely add you if I am on!

  16. These are some great tips! I just found your website through the Thoughts for Thursday linkup and I definitely got lost in all of your blogging tips. You have some great informative posts!


  17. this is awesome!! such a great resource!!

  18. This post is so timely for me! I'm considering scaling back my posting schedule (I currently post 5 times a week) but don't want to just "disappear" on the days I don't post. This was super helpful!


  19. I love this! Such a great roundup of information!

  20. "Don't freak out on me" haha! Such a great list! I've had a similar list in my planner now for months... ugh. I just need to make time now to do it all.

  21. Such a fab post!! Thanks so much for the shout out!!! I totally agree, the days I don't post, I am still doing blogging work!

  22. I saved this for future reference thanks for the helpful information!

  23. This is an amazing post and full of very helpful info!! I need to focus more on Pinterest and Twitter b/c I have accounts with both, but am rarely on either... I mean, there are only 24 hours in the day! Lol, the struggle is real. We will have to follow each other on both. My Twitter handle is @lawyerlookbook and Pinterest is Brittany Scarlett/ @lawyerlookbook. I need to get my tail in gear after reading this! Have a great weekend!


  24. YES all great tips! Yesterday I actually did a lot of this and cleaned up some old posts, worked on my pinterest boards, etc! That's why I love only posting 3 days a week!

  25. Great tips! It's definitely tough to keep up with everything, but your checklist is super helpful!

  26. Stopping over from Love the Here and Now! What an awesome post filled with great tips! You're right about broken links, did you know they can damage your SEO? (I just found that out this summer!)

  27. This is SUCH a great post! I definitely used to think that it was all about writing posts but I realized quickly there are SO many things to do outside of just writing or sharing daily posts. Going to add this to my blogging tips Pinterest board and you bet I'll be doing these things :)

  28. This is SUCH a great post! I definitely used to think that it was all about writing posts but I realized quickly there are SO many things to do outside of just writing or sharing daily posts. Going to add this to my blogging tips Pinterest board and you bet I'll be doing these things :)

  29. These are good tips! As someone who only posts 3x/week, because I find that to be more manageable for me, I do much of these things as a result. Some days I read more blogs than others, but I definitely do work on my blog and socializing every day (M-F) and only a tiny bit on the weekends. One other thing I do, is join hops/linkups even on the days I didn't put out new content! :)

  30. So...I came across your post and made me realize that I haven't stumbled my posts lately (I do stumble others too) so I added 2 to my likes and guess of them went viral and I got a month worth of views in just one day...bad thing is that those Stumble Upon views didn't turn to new followers or lets say newsletter subscribers!

  31. This is great! I've recently started to spruce up my old posts and sharing them to blog hops and linkys. It's a great way to get a break from blogging without sacrificing numbers or engagement with readers! I'm so glad I found your post on #letsbefriends blog hop. I will be using your checklist to grow my blog even more. Thank you for sharing, Brittany!

  32. I am a new blogger so these tips are uber helpful! Thanks for all the links too, especially Jana's tutorial on the photos much needed! So glad I saw this post on the #letsbefriends blog hop!

  33. Thanks so much for this! Tweeting it ASAP!

  34. Brittany: Thanks for linking up with us this week @ #letsbefriends :)
    I love this post !!! Blogging is definitely a never ending cycle of to-do lists upon to do lists... Hats off to you for working full time and keeping up with 3 posts a week !
    This post would do great on my link up on Friday's "Learning From Each Other"
    Hope to see you around this blogging world :)


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