Monday, August 3, 2015

Goals: Focus on Pinterest for One Month

I'm kicking off this month with a goal to focus heavily on Pinterest this month to grow my blog. We've all heard it...Pinterest is a great traffic source. But honestly, I've not had much success with it. Sure, I pin my posts and pin cute pictures, recipes, and more onto my boards. But this month I'm getting down to business. Follow me along this month as I try to accomplish these goals and measure my success. I'll finally learn what a difference Pinterest can really make! I'd appreciate a follow and I'll follow you back! 

Grow Your Blog with Pinterest


1. Organize my boards

2. Utilize Board Booster. I already love this service. Board Booster will schedule and loop pins for you everyday! I know WordPress has some apps that will do similar, but as a Blogger user this was an exciting find. The service also generates a custom report for you to see your growth!

3. Update my descriptions for all my original pins

4. Follow 5+ new pinners a day

5. Check all my pins for bad links

6. Create pinnable images for every post

7. Repin/Pin 15+ other people's pins per day

8. Set up my Pinterest business account

9. Join some group boards. I've tinkered with this a bit and it's more difficult than I imagined. These boards are like exclusive clubs and they're not letting anyone in! Pin Groupie is an excellent resource for all things Pinterest boards. If you are a member of a group board I'd really appreciate an invite!

10. Create a group board. I'm interested in starting a group board with fellow lifestyle bloggers. If you're interested please let me know by commenting or emailing.

I'm excited to share updates with you throughout the month! 

Are you Pinterest savvy? Please share your knowledge! 


  1. I hope this works for you. Right now I'm focusing on Stumble, because that's been great to help traffic to my blog and also my Instagram challenge. Maybe Pinterest will be my focus for September. I'd love to know what worked and doesn't work for you after this month.

  2. Just followed you :) Good luck with this goal, I can't wait to hear how it turns out. This is something I've had on my list for a while too. So many different sites to keep up with to boost traffic!

  3. What a great idea! I haven't used my Pinterest for my blog at all. I am interested in joining your group of bloggers if you start one!

  4. Following you! I just went through reorganizing my boards and I'm 95% done!

  5. This is something I really need to work on too! It's hard now with being so behind even just on the blog! Once I get back at it though I'm adding these goals to my list too!

  6. I definitely need to work on this too! Please share any tips or tricks you discover. I hadn't heard of Board Booster but will definitely check that out! I would love to do a group board with you!

  7. This is a great post and goals -- I haven't tried Board Booster but I'm probably going to look it up today! :) Great goals!!

    xo, Sarah

  8. I feel the same. I have Pinterest and I pin but I dont get a lot of traffic from it.

  9. Awesome tips! I haven't had much luck with Pinterest either, but I may have to try some of these especially finding 5 new pinners a day :)

  10. I need to go back and make pinnable images for my posts as well. I have been so lazy with that lately. I just don't know what I want the pic to be, etc. Good Luck!!

  11. This post is so helpful. I love pinterest but don't get alot of traffic from it. Thanks for the info.


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