Friday, May 1, 2015

Five Things on Friday: Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day is a little over a week away! I always find it so hard to pick out gifts for my mom. She's the type that will never buy anything non-essential for herself and will for sure never tell you anything that she wants. Anytime you ask she will just say something cheesy like "just to spend time with my girls"..sweet mom..but that gives me absolutely NO help or guidance. I try to take a mental note anytime she shows any interest in anything while shopping or a hint in conversation.

Today I am sharing 5 Things to Give the Lady Who Gave You Life!

One. Something Yummy

This is actually what I have ordered for my mom thus far. Luckily, her technology skills are limited to browsing QVC so I'm not worried about letting the cat out of the bag.

I have mentioned my love for the macaroons at La Petit Delicat before..but it is worth mentioning again. These little pillows of yum from the local bakery in Lexington, KY are out of this world. My mom also happens to love them so I ordered the Mother's Day Box for her. Hopefully, she will share! 

Two. Pamper Her. 

My mom famously loves her baths. I must have gotten it from her. However, she prefers to savor her daily rationed Coke in her bath instead of the vino I choose :) After a long day nothing is better than getting into a big tub of warm water and relaxing..especially if you have some decadent additions. Philosophy products are the best in my opinion--I've never been disappointed. 

Three. Do Something Together. 

Experiences trump material gifts by far in my book. We are all so busy in our lives and it's often hard to carve out time to spend with those that we love. I would be willing to bet that every mom would prefer some QT over a material gift. Here are some fun ideas for activities you can do together that you'll both enjoy! 
  • Treat your mom (and yourself) to a day at the spa for mani and pedis
  • Go out for lunch and enjoy your favorite girly foods
  • Schedule a cooking class to take together
  • Go see a show or movie 
  • Take a day trip to somewhere fun
  • Spend the day shopping then surprise her with an item you noticed she was eyeing

Three. Something Cozy. 

Nice pajamas are one of life's simple luxuries. Your bedroom and bed is your sanctuary so you should dress accordingly! Also--moms love pajamas. I've never seen a mom lounging in t-shirt and shorts.  I think with age we begin to appreciate the little things in life..such as nice pjs. 

Four. Happy Feet.

Every girl needs the perfect sandal for summer....even mom. Treat her to some stylish kicks. The only thing better than a new pair of shoes is a new pair of shoes someone else buys you! Pro Tip: gift a pair that you like so you can have borrowing privileges. 

Five. Fragrance

Who doesn't like to smell nice? I love trying out new scents and the fun part is they all smell different on everyone. I personally like them all from the Marc Jacobs Daisy collection. 

How do you plan to celebrate your Mom?

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  1. These are such good ideas! I am thinking about making a little gift basket of sorts for my mom including all of her favorite things!
    Have a good weekeend

  2. These are such good ideas! Being over 1000 miles away I usually just try to send my mom a card on time haha. Off topic, but I saw your comment on my blog from a few days ago (I'm so behind on responding). Where did you go to school? I'll have to ask my husband.

  3. Such a great list of things... I love the macaroons idea! Never thought of that!

  4. My mom loves jewelry, shoes, food, and perfume lol

  5. Those macaroons look DELISH! What a fantastic idea :)

    Happy Friday!

  6. Oh, these are great! My mom loves perfume and pajamas!

  7. What a fabulous list!! ;) Have a lovely first weekend of May!
    xo - Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

  8. awe ideas!! I love the idea how you broke it down...

  9. Great ideas for Mother's Day! I ordered "brag books" for each grandma from Chatbooks. Can't wait for them to get them. Love the macaroons. They looks so yummy! Have a great weekend!

  10. I would love any of the options you listed, especially the macarons#

  11. I would love any of the options you listed, especially the macarons#

  12. Something yummy always works for me on Mother's Day.

  13. Great ideas! I'm always keen on doing something together - I like the shopping idea so it's a blend between an experience and a present she really wants.

  14. I love your ideas! Especially the pjs and bath products. I got my mum a necklace with the names of her children engraved on it.


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