Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Shop the Trend for Less

My wardrobe philosophy is grounded in the high-low concept. Every season I clean out my closet and try to get rid of items I know I won't wear. Almost always "low" items are what ends up in the toss pile. While sad, it is much easier to part with the poncho or platform flip flops when you know you didn't pay top dollar for them.

Invest in "high" pieces that you know will earn their price in mileage. A great suit for work, jeans that fit you like a glove, summer sandals that will last more than a season----invest in these items..and by invest I mean it's ok to spend more on them. "Low" items are reserved for trends. I cannot justify spending big bucks on something that is here today but gone tomorrow. BUT trends are fun. We can still indulge and play with trends without draining our bank account.

Here are some hot trends that you can try out without feeling guilty!




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  1. I love these options. I have the Forever 21 earrings in silver and wear them all the time. These are all my favorite trends!!!! :-)

  2. I'm digging the current trends right now too. I can't get enough florals! Plus I feel like those are a little more timeless than the tribal and fringe. I've been rocking a fringe purse for about a month now too though, best gift my mom every gave me!


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