Tuesday, April 28, 2015

If I Were Going to Prom I'd Wear This!

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It's officially Prom Season. Go to any sit down restaurant on a Friday or Saturday night and you are bound to see flocks of teenagers dressed to the nines sporting corsages and boutineers. It's so funny seeing it now and thinking how young they look because I'm sure people thought that same about me all those years ago while I was dining with my date for our oh so fancy dinner at the local Mexican restaurant.

Prom was a big deal at my high school. Girls would start shopping for dresses around Christmas, fry themselves in the tanning bed (I spray tanned!) for months, and even walk around with saran wrap around their waists to ensure the dress fit!

I love seeing pictures on Facebook of all the recent proms and seeing how the style trends change. For example, I remember during my prom years the two-piece look was falling out of style, but now it looks like it is back in full force.

I could look at dresses all day so it was very fun for me to put together this post on what I would wear if I were going to prom! Albeit, the only invitation I will be getting is to be a chaperone.

I distinctly remember thinking all of my prom dresses were the most beautiful creations on Earth and that I would wear them over and over again. No. They are all stuffed into the back of my closet collecting dust. If only options such as Rent the Runway had been available back in my day! Some great options for young girls for prom!

Opening Ceremony Copper Chemical Element Dress

Halston Heritage Lemon Fade Gown

allison parris Heirloom Dress

BCBGMAXAZRIA Blossom Festival Gown

Now I want to go to prom..or at least an occasion where I can get a big pretty dress!

What are some of your favorite prom dress memories?

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  1. It is crazy how much prom has changed since I graduated in 2009! We had formal formal dresses with a lot of detail and nowadays the dresses are so different and simple!

  2. That is some serious preparing that your school partook in! I wore my maid of honour dress from my aunt's wedding ;)

  3. Ohhhh I love this so much!!! Prom was MAJOR at our school. Now I'm feeling majorly old because this summer marks my ten year highschool reunion. Eeekkk.
    I love how the dress styles come in and out and in again!
    I wore a mint green, strapless big tulle bottom dress. These days it's all about the sleek!!! But a bit of poof is coming back hahaha

    That lemon on is so pretty, they're all so pretty!!! I just love prom, luckily my sister is going to her boyfriends this year then has her own next year so I've got a good couple of years to live vicariously through her! Hahahah

  4. These are some really cute dresses. My sister is a senior in high school. Surprisingly her prom was in early April.


  5. This post is reallllllly making me miss my prom 5 years ago (<--EW totally hurt me to write that. Where has the time gone?!). LOVING all of the options you picked out for this post!

  6. Thank you for choosing dresses that did NOT make me want to vomit. Your style is aces!

  7. It has been many moons since I've been to prom and mu daughter now goes to formals in college, but the black dress with rainbow bottom is super cute.

  8. Such cute choices! It's so funny you said that because I literally saw girls at Chili's the other day in prom dresses and I just couldn't stop giggling. Those were the days! Cute post!

    Sara Kate Styling

  9. Sometimes I wish there was a grown up prom just because I'll take any reason to get all dressed up! Loving your picks here - the BCBG floral one is my fave, so pretty!

  10. I love prom. I went to 5. I hate that I never get to dress up.

  11. All these dresses are gorgeous. I wish I was in high school so I could redo my prom lol

  12. If rent the runway existed when I was in high school I could have saved sooooo much money. My mom made me choose classic dresses that I could definitely wear now if I was like 20 lbs lighter.

  13. Oooh! I actually really love that one on the top left! I kinda want to buy it anyway! haha

    1. I mean my other left...top right! haha...hit "publish" too soon!

  14. I think it's funny how short dresses are in style for formal dances now. We would never be caught dead in a short dress to prom! I loved both my prom dresses so much, and yet they too are collecting dust. I really need to donate them - a couple places in town rent them to girls who can't afford one. I LOVE that floral top on in the collage. THAT would be my dress if I were to do prom again! Can we just have an adult prom please? Or is that "weddings" once you are our age? haha

  15. I wore a long dress and now wish I wore a short one. So many cute options here.

  16. These are such lovely dress options! Prom has come a long way since my days! lol

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