Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How to Write a Thank You Note (the right way)!

how to write a thank you note

I will never claim to be Emily Post but in my opinion writing a proper thank you note is a MUST. In the age of texts, email, and tweets it is easy to lose sight of simple acts of gratitude such as a thank you note. However, this simple act that can take you as little as 5 minutes can make a BIG impact personally and professionally.

Always keep stationary on hand. Keeping a pack of thank you notes on hand will ensure that you are always prepared. I keep a pack in my desk at work. This way I can easily grab one and get it sent out. Target, Marshalls, and TJMaxx usually have a great selection of cute cards on the cheap! Grab a pack when you see them so you'll have it when you need it. 

Here are some cute ones I've found:

When in doubt, always send. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide whether a given situation is one where a thank you note is required. Some common situations include after a job interview, when you receive a gift, when someone does you a favor. However, it never hurts to send after someone treats you to dinner, performs a kind gesture such as complimenting your outfit, or when a friend patiently listens to a long vent session. 

Always write by hand. This may seem like a given but I have actually received a thank you note that had a glued in typed message. You don't want to be that person. Handwritten notes are just so much more personal and sincere. 

Always be timely. There is nothing worse than receiving a thank you note for a gift you bought for a wedding a year later. It's just rude. According to Ms. Post..after a wedding thank you notes should be sent out within 3-4 months. I realize it can get overwhelming but try setting up a time each day to write 5 or 6 cards and make the groom do his part :) However, sending late is always better than not sending at all. 

If you have just interviewed for a job the proper procedure is to send a prompt email thanking them for their time AND then send a thank you note within the next couple days. An email, text, or in person thank you is rarely a replacement for a thank you note. 

Always be personal. Never, never, never send a thank you note that just says: Thanks, YOUR NAME. Take the time and effort to write something meaningful. Include a description of the gift or act that you are thanking them for, say how much you appreciate the gift/sentiment, how you will use the gift, or what the sentiment meant to you. This guide from Hallmark is great and outlines the basics of what to include. 

Always be short and sweet, but not too short. A thank you note should be the length of a paragraph, so roughly 4 sentences. Try not to ramble but make sure you get all the essentials covered.

What suggestions do you have for writing a thoughtful thank you note?

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  1. Completely agree with you! Thank you notes are SO important, and go a long way. Great tips!

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