Saturday, April 4, 2015

Final Four Fashion

Do I regularly keep up with sports? No. However, when the Kentucky Wildcats are in the Final Four you better believe I am jumping straight on that bandwagon! Kentucky rules basketball. Fact. As the true Kentucky girl that I am I will be decked out this weekend in my blue supporting the Cats.

Here are some looks beyond your average sports tee to keep you looking cute for the big games!

Final Four Look 1

final four look 3

final four look 2

What's your favorite way to support your team?


  1. I adore team inspired fashions. Sorry about the loss. We ND fans felt the sting too when you guys beat us. ;-)
    Always next year! Cute post and outfit ideas!

  2. Saw you mention you were from Kentucky on Sarah's blog and had to come say hi. I'm from Kentucky too.


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