Saturday, April 25, 2015

Dreaming of Derby: Hats!

On Derby Day it's all about the HATS! Some of the most interesting images of the day focus on the wide array of hats in the crowd. Whether you're in Millionaire's Row or partying in the Infield you can show off your personality and style with your hat. Some of these hats are truly like a piece of art. 

While others are just out of this world! 

My hats from Derby past...

There are so many options for hats but here are my favorites!

The fascinator is the modern girl's answer to the Derby hat! The miniature hat has all of the sass and personality of a large hat but more chic and practical. This is my personal favorite option..who doesn't love a headband?

Details: BlueBlack/WhiteRedBlack/Purple

The wide brimmed hat oozes with class and sophistication.  Try walking around in one of these and not raising a pinkie with your drink :)
Details: CoralNavy/CreamBlack/WhiteRed

Or better yet..break out your glue gun and make your own! Check out the links below. 

How to Make a Kentucky Derby Hat

Make Your Own Derby Hat

DIY Kids Derby Hat

5 Derby Hat Tutorials

What's your favorite hat option?

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  1. Yes yes yes! I love the Derby and it's on my bucket list to go one day :) A big hat is a must along with a mint julep!

  2. Definitely more of a facinator girl! I can never to seem to commit to a hat all day long, I want to take it off, but then my hair's a wreck! They do look so good though! Lucy x

  3. I love the hats!! I really like the peach big & bold hat!

  4. I love them all! I love fascinators - I find them so British and I love all things British. I'd love to go to the Derby one day!


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