Friday, April 17, 2015

5 Favorites on Friday

{Favorite} Thing I'm Working On: Jazz Fest Looks

I'm so excited to be going to NOLA in a few weeks for Jazz Fest (hello Elton John and Ed Sheeran!!)! It will be my first time visiting and I'm looking forward to sharing it with some of my best friends. My friend Sam and I have been in deep thought for months about what we're going to wear. I stalked Coachella photos all week looking for inspiration. I'd prefer to steer away from looking like some of these hot messes. I mean what was wolf girl thinking??

 Here's some ideas I have and a preview of an upcoming post!

jazz fest

{Favorite}Product: Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask Mask

I am a bit of a face mask-aholic. I love trying different ones out and aim to use one a few times a week. This Tata Harper mask is one of my favorites. In addition to smelling like a fresh bouquet of flowers it truly does leave your face with a fresh polished look. AND all Tata Harper products are 100% natural and made of non-toxic ingredients (win-win!). I've also been wanting to try the line's Nutrient Serum and Lip and Cheek tint. If you've tried them PLEASE let me know! 

{Favorite} Eat:

This week my little town holds its annual claim to fame Hillbilly Days Festival. I work downtown surrounded by the madness which can get annoying BUT the perk is I can walk out during lunch and take advantage of all the street vendors..and I've been taking FULL advantage :) 

{Favorite} DIY Idea: Box Lid Jewelry Dish

How cute are these! I really want to try this project from Paper & Stitch

{Favorite} Watch: The Imposter

After reading Helene's post on Best Documentaries on Netflix I had to check out The Imposter. You know the saying, "truth is stranger than fiction"? This movie proves it. It's the story of a fugitive frenchman who steals the identity of a missing Texas boy and almost gets away with it. This dude fooled the police and EVEN the boy's own family! It's very bizarre. It was honestly chilling to watch the man (the imposter) talk about the situation and his thought process. People are cray. 

Life In Leggings


  1. OMG I am cracking up over Wolf Girl, haha. My college roommate lives in NOLA and I always have the best time visiting her (though I haven't made it there for JazzFest yet)...hope you find the perfect looks!

  2. OMG the coachella outfits are insane. Your's is 100x better! Enjoy NOLA, that jazz fest sounds like a lot of fun.

  3. Looks like you had some very yummy eats this week.

    The Imposter definitely sounds like a movie worth checking out. Lol @ "people are cray!"

  4. What is that girl wearing? lol That is not cute. I have been wanting to go to Coachella but I wouldn't be caught dressed like that. Lol

  5. The Imposter is so crazy! What a great documentary!

  6. That wolf girl is very "different" LOLOLOL. I went to Jazz Fest ions ago and LOVED it. Lenny Kravitz was there and I tried crawfish for the first time...definitely a must-go event! Have fun!!

  7. You'll be in my neck of the woods for JAZZFEST! Have so much fun!

  8. Eek! I have to watch that movie! That girl looks like she's wearing something my sister would wear- crazy!! That food looks SO yummy!

  9. I'm so excited for you to go to Jazz Fest - I've heard from multiple people that it beats Mardi Gras by far! (Amazing acts, less hype and people?) also LOL about wolf girl, yes to your picks!

  10. Love your outfit choice! I'll have to check out that face mask- have a great weekend!


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