Thursday, April 9, 2015

25 Practical and Fun Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund

how to spend your tax refund

Is the anticipation of getting your tax refund check burning a hole in anyone else's pocket? I didn't get a refund last year so am super pumped about getting some extra cash this year! I've spent my tiny check 100 ways in my head. The angel on one shoulder says save while the sneaky devil on the other screams SPEND. I'll likely do a combo of both :) Whether your refund is big or small here are some practical and not so practical ways to spend that extra chunk of change...

1. Make a home improvement you've been putting off

2. Update your work wardrobe (like a new suit or these pants I've had my eye on for months)

3. Pull the trigger and buy the designer bag you've been lusting over

4. Invest in a nice piece of jewelry

5. Start a savings account

5. Travel somewhere on your bucket list

6. Pick a stock and play the stock market

7. Start an "emergency fund"

8. Sign up for the photography, cooking, or art class you've been wanting to take

9. Buy something everyone in your house can enjoy such as new TV, knife set, or outdoor grill

10. Put it towards your student loans (what I should do)

11. Pay off a credit card

12. Pay it forward and invest in a Kickstarter campaign you believe in

13. Help out a friend or family member who needs a boost

14. Pick a room in your home to redecorate

15. Go to a nice restaurant and order everything you want off the menu (this needs to happen)

16. Buy tickets to see your favorite band in concert

17. Donate to your favorite charity

18. Rent a party bus and have an epic girls night out (someone I know please do this)

19. Stock your bar

20. Pamper yourself with a day at the spa

21. Plant a summer vegetable garden

22. Start a "babysitter's fund" for the year

23. Fly to see your long distance BFF for the weekend

24. Hire a cleaning service

25. Design your dream closet

How are you planning on spending your refund?

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  1. I think #15 and #23 should go together - sounds so fun! Great ideas :)

  2. Oh my gosh endless possibilities! I'd pick #2 and #8 :) Lucy x

  3. This is a really great list that I'll be sharing with everyone I know. I need to do options 7 & 10. Although, I would prefer to do options 8 & 23.

    Happy Thursday to you!

  4. Love those! Paying off that darn credt card was what I did and it felt great!


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