Sunday, March 29, 2015

Office Desk Decor Makeover!

Let's face it the majority of us spend ALOT of time sitting at our desks at work. I'm a firm believer that your surroundings can affect your mood--for the good or bad. My desk currently looks like a cyclone hit. I have never been an organized person (just ask my mother) but I do appreciate simplicity and some sense of order in a work environment. It can boost your mood and productivity. Nobody wants to spend 7 or more hours a day in an unorganized, boring, bland space. Lately, I have been thinking about what I can do to spruce up my desk.  Take a look at some inspiration I've found that I'm working on....

how to style your office desk
Top to bottom: 1) bookends  2) business cardholder  3) candle  4) photo frame 5) pencil cup  6) paper weight

Guide  for Decorating your Office Desk

1.  Color: Most likely if you're in a traditional office environment you are surrounded by white walls, bland carpet, and wood shelving. Your desk and your mood could use a little color. A great way to add some color would be with fresh flower, unique stationary, or a fun mousepad. Little pops of color will go a long way without be distracting or over the top.

2. Practical: I hate the work practical. It makes me think of a boring pair of khakis that my mother said I needed because they were practical. However, this is your work environment and you need to get shit done. While you can incorporate some novel unique trinkets into your desk the majority of your things should be practical and lend to productivity and organization. BUT that doesn't equate to boring. How cute is the gold wire magazine rack and book ends above. I must say that I am obsessed with those doggie bookends and cannot stop giggling at them. 

3. Sentimental: Your office/desk is your home away from home of sorts. Surrounding your space with the people and things you love is important. Photo frames with your family, friends, or dog children are a great way of keeping the things and people you love close to you throughout the day.

4) Scent: Your sense of smell has a unique way of boosting your mood and productivity. Check out this article! I would suggest clean and calming scents such as a citrus or lavender. I would stay far away from any cinnabon or maple hot toddy flavors unless you want to eat a box full of cheezits before lunch..not that I've had any experience with that. 

5) Some quirk: As I've said offices are boring...add something interesting. A cool paperweight or interesting print will not only liven up your space but will be a conversation piece for your visitors.

Let me know of any suggestions you all have for livening up your office desk! 


  1. Sprucing up my desk at work has been on my to-do list for soo long!! And I am absolutely lovingg all of this inspiration!!

    1. Thanks girl! There is so much cute stuff out there! Please share with me what you find!

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