Friday, March 27, 2015

My Dog Pack

I am a self professed dog hoarder mom. You have heard of the crazy cat lady..well I'm a proud dog lady. If I had the space and wouldn't be evicted I would have dogs crawling all over me. My family is always nervous when on the road with me because if I see a stray there is a good chance I will stop and try to take it home. I may or may not also have a habit of calling the police on jerks who have their dogs outside on short chains. Nothing makes me more angry.

While I am a lover of all pooches...there are two main guys who have my heart. 

Meet Jax and Milo

Jax the schnoodle

Jax will always be my number 1 boy (don't tell Milo). Jax is a 4.5 year old schnoodle (schnauzer and poodle) who is the epitome of a lap dog. I got Jax the summer before I started law school and he's been my life partner ever since. He's sat beside me during all night study binges, licked my tears over broken hearts, and been my ultimate road trip buddy. 

Jax spends most of his days barking at everything outside that moves, countless hours staring out the window, and in this general position to the left.

Milo the unknown chihuahua mix

If I had to describe Milo in one word it would be feisty. All 5.5 lbs of him are full of sass. Milo entered this crazy clan this past January. Walking through the local shelter I spotted him in the last cage to the right hunkering behind his brother. He was so tiny it was almost unbelievable. I had to have him. I brought him home and spent the next hour washing and picking what seemed like 100 fleas off him. It is unfathomable to me what kind of person could let a puppy starve and live in filth. But I'm so glad I found him. 

Milo spends his days using the bathroom wherever he damn well pleases (we're working on it), aggravating Jax, and wearing the ridiculous getups I put him in. A puppy in a hoodie..I die. 


These two dog brudders are finally starting to warm up to each other. Can't you tell?? :) 

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