Monday, March 30, 2015

Easter Dress Roundup

Easter has always felt like the beginning of spring to me. It's the unofficial beginning of sundresses, big hats, florals, and warm weather. Growing up finding an Easter dress was always a big deal. My mom would always deck my sister and I out in white patent shoes, poofy dresses, hats, the whole nine yards.  Easter candy has also always been my fav. Bring on the Cadbury eggs. I don't care what that yellow yolk is it's delish.  As you can see the Easter bunny never missed our house...

Now, even at 27 I still look forward to putting together an Easter ensemble. This year I will likely be recycling something already in my closet. But if I were looking for a new dress these would be my picks!


                                                         Eliza J Fit and Flare


                                                                      Loft Lace Shift


                                                               Ann Taylor Striped Flare

I want them all! 

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