Friday, March 27, 2015

DIY Liquor Bottle Vase

Often I find myself drowning in liquor bottles. I cannot bare to part with the beautifully crafted bottles. So, they end up piling up on the counter, the pantry, under the beds...ok maybe it's not that extreme. (please don't think I have a problem) I finally figured out how to put some of these pretty bottles to use and a way to clear out space!

Nothing feels more like spring than fresh flowers. Fresh flowers instantly brighten up a room and my mood. I make it a point to pick up a cheapy bunch when I'm at the grocery store. It's an expensive way to brighten up a space.

Wash out your empty bottles with soap and water and let them dry. Any bottles will do. Maker's, Jack, wine bottles, tequila..let your tastes drive the process! There are so many fun shapes and sizes.

Measure and cut your bouquet to fit in the bottle you are using (make sure to take off the rubber bands most bouquets come with--the flowers will stay fresher longer).

These are a few days old so are beginning to wilt a teeny bit but ended up looking lovely in their "vase".

Fill up the bottom portion of the bottle with water and woila you have a cheap easy floral arrangement! These bottles are a great way to not only display spring's finest blossoms but also a conversation piece that displays your personal tastes (see what I did there) :) 

DIY liquor bottle flower vase


  1. love this idea so much! Ive seen people do this with Jack Daniels bottles and it's the cutest thing!

    1. Thanks for the love! I've also seen using bottles to make soap dispensers! I need to try that next :)


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