Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Easter Basket Wish List

Those who believe will receive...that works for Santa AND the Easter bunny, right?? For my sake I sure hope so. I'm hoping some of these goodies end up in my Easter basket (mom..mom..you're reading, right?) :) 

1...How to Be a Parisian Wherever You Are: This is going on my reading list. I love anything French. Their concept of food, fashion, and life is so interesting to me. We could all stand to take some advice from the French.

2....Tory Burch Fit Bit bracelet: I love my FitBit Flex. It's such a great motivator. However, I am getting tired of wearing the standard black band everyday. TB has created several cute bands and even some more pricey accessories that cater to the Fitbit Flex. When I was researching and shopping around for a Fitbit and similar devices my mind was instantly made up when I saw that Tory Burch had partnered with Fitbit..instantly into my shopping cart.

3...Kate Spade Tumbler: I have roughly 343 insulated tumblers. That's a slight exaggeration but I can't get enough of them. Every morning I tote along some sort of beverage to work and it's nice to sport a cute cup instead of a shameful solo cup. I need this book tumbler for my collection.

4...Macaroons: Until recently macaroons did nothing for me. That was until I tried these from La Petite Delicat in Lexington, KY. They are out-of-this-world good.

Fingers crossed I get a visit this weekend from the Easter bunny...hopefully a less creepier version of this guy.

I cannot stop laughing a these creepy bunnies from the past. If you need a good workday laugh take a look at this.

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Monday, March 30, 2015

Easter Dress Roundup

Easter has always felt like the beginning of spring to me. It's the unofficial beginning of sundresses, big hats, florals, and warm weather. Growing up finding an Easter dress was always a big deal. My mom would always deck my sister and I out in white patent shoes, poofy dresses, hats, the whole nine yards.  Easter candy has also always been my fav. Bring on the Cadbury eggs. I don't care what that yellow yolk is it's delish.  As you can see the Easter bunny never missed our house...

Now, even at 27 I still look forward to putting together an Easter ensemble. This year I will likely be recycling something already in my closet. But if I were looking for a new dress these would be my picks!


                                                         Eliza J Fit and Flare


                                                                      Loft Lace Shift


                                                               Ann Taylor Striped Flare

I want them all! 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Office Desk Decor Makeover!

Let's face it the majority of us spend ALOT of time sitting at our desks at work. I'm a firm believer that your surroundings can affect your mood--for the good or bad. My desk currently looks like a cyclone hit. I have never been an organized person (just ask my mother) but I do appreciate simplicity and some sense of order in a work environment. It can boost your mood and productivity. Nobody wants to spend 7 or more hours a day in an unorganized, boring, bland space. Lately, I have been thinking about what I can do to spruce up my desk.  Take a look at some inspiration I've found that I'm working on....

how to style your office desk
Top to bottom: 1) bookends  2) business cardholder  3) candle  4) photo frame 5) pencil cup  6) paper weight

Guide  for Decorating your Office Desk

1.  Color: Most likely if you're in a traditional office environment you are surrounded by white walls, bland carpet, and wood shelving. Your desk and your mood could use a little color. A great way to add some color would be with fresh flower, unique stationary, or a fun mousepad. Little pops of color will go a long way without be distracting or over the top.

2. Practical: I hate the work practical. It makes me think of a boring pair of khakis that my mother said I needed because they were practical. However, this is your work environment and you need to get shit done. While you can incorporate some novel unique trinkets into your desk the majority of your things should be practical and lend to productivity and organization. BUT that doesn't equate to boring. How cute is the gold wire magazine rack and book ends above. I must say that I am obsessed with those doggie bookends and cannot stop giggling at them. 

3. Sentimental: Your office/desk is your home away from home of sorts. Surrounding your space with the people and things you love is important. Photo frames with your family, friends, or dog children are a great way of keeping the things and people you love close to you throughout the day.

4) Scent: Your sense of smell has a unique way of boosting your mood and productivity. Check out this article! I would suggest clean and calming scents such as a citrus or lavender. I would stay far away from any cinnabon or maple hot toddy flavors unless you want to eat a box full of cheezits before lunch..not that I've had any experience with that. 

5) Some quirk: As I've said offices are boring...add something interesting. A cool paperweight or interesting print will not only liven up your space but will be a conversation piece for your visitors.

Let me know of any suggestions you all have for livening up your office desk! 

Friday, March 27, 2015

DIY Liquor Bottle Vase

Often I find myself drowning in liquor bottles. I cannot bare to part with the beautifully crafted bottles. So, they end up piling up on the counter, the pantry, under the beds...ok maybe it's not that extreme. (please don't think I have a problem) I finally figured out how to put some of these pretty bottles to use and a way to clear out space!

Nothing feels more like spring than fresh flowers. Fresh flowers instantly brighten up a room and my mood. I make it a point to pick up a cheapy bunch when I'm at the grocery store. It's an expensive way to brighten up a space.

Wash out your empty bottles with soap and water and let them dry. Any bottles will do. Maker's, Jack, wine bottles, tequila..let your tastes drive the process! There are so many fun shapes and sizes.

Measure and cut your bouquet to fit in the bottle you are using (make sure to take off the rubber bands most bouquets come with--the flowers will stay fresher longer).

These are a few days old so are beginning to wilt a teeny bit but ended up looking lovely in their "vase".

Fill up the bottom portion of the bottle with water and woila you have a cheap easy floral arrangement! These bottles are a great way to not only display spring's finest blossoms but also a conversation piece that displays your personal tastes (see what I did there) :) 

DIY liquor bottle flower vase

My Dog Pack

I am a self professed dog hoarder mom. You have heard of the crazy cat lady..well I'm a proud dog lady. If I had the space and wouldn't be evicted I would have dogs crawling all over me. My family is always nervous when on the road with me because if I see a stray there is a good chance I will stop and try to take it home. I may or may not also have a habit of calling the police on jerks who have their dogs outside on short chains. Nothing makes me more angry.

While I am a lover of all pooches...there are two main guys who have my heart. 

Meet Jax and Milo

Jax the schnoodle

Jax will always be my number 1 boy (don't tell Milo). Jax is a 4.5 year old schnoodle (schnauzer and poodle) who is the epitome of a lap dog. I got Jax the summer before I started law school and he's been my life partner ever since. He's sat beside me during all night study binges, licked my tears over broken hearts, and been my ultimate road trip buddy. 

Jax spends most of his days barking at everything outside that moves, countless hours staring out the window, and in this general position to the left.

Milo the unknown chihuahua mix

If I had to describe Milo in one word it would be feisty. All 5.5 lbs of him are full of sass. Milo entered this crazy clan this past January. Walking through the local shelter I spotted him in the last cage to the right hunkering behind his brother. He was so tiny it was almost unbelievable. I had to have him. I brought him home and spent the next hour washing and picking what seemed like 100 fleas off him. It is unfathomable to me what kind of person could let a puppy starve and live in filth. But I'm so glad I found him. 

Milo spends his days using the bathroom wherever he damn well pleases (we're working on it), aggravating Jax, and wearing the ridiculous getups I put him in. A puppy in a hoodie..I die. 


These two dog brudders are finally starting to warm up to each other. Can't you tell?? :) 

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

The beginning. Throughout my years of stalking blogs I've always wondered about the first posts. What were the bloggers thinking as they typed those first words? This blog is something that I've had in the back of my mind for a long time. Mostly out of fear and lack of confidence I have put it off until now.
Yes, I'm taking a huge leap by doing this.  Perhaps I'm kidding myself in thinking that anyone besides my mother and sister will read this blog but nevertheless it's something I have wanted to do for years and so I'm doing it!
As the aspiring mid-twenties (27 is still mid-twenties right?..right?..just appease me) yuppie I am I have been trying to read more. I recently went for the first time to my local library..which was quite the experience..who knew there was self checkout!!...and spent an hour after work browsing. I picked up among other things The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. I had seen/heard of this book for a while but never seemed to be able to commit. But now that I have this breadth of free options why not! Happiness is something we all strive for..whether it be personally, socially, professionally..we want to feel this obscure feeling of happiness..or at least what we think it should feel like. (Please ignore the glossiness of the plastic library jacket)
Image1 (1)
The author talks about Commandments she has for herself and the first one is--Be Gretchen. Those words really resonated with me. As we age we often struggle with fitting in, having the right job, look, whatever "it" is. But I agree with Gretchen Rubin that the first step to happiness is to figure out what is to Be Ourselves. I have now made a commitment to myself that in all things I will Be Brittany. 

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